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Xango Music Distribution
local music from all over the world
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2024 marks 27 years
of Xango Music distributing
local music from all over the world!

Xango Music is an independent distributor since 1997, specialising in local music from all over the world and operating in the Benelux countries.
Xango Music came forth out of the desire to make more music available. Labels and artists are having great difficulty getting their work on the market.
We initiated this company to do just that:

Bring this music out!

To give you an idea of what's new this time...

- on ARC Music Olcay Bayir with her new album 'Tu Guli';
- new album by Bassekou Kouyate & Amy Sacko on One World Records;
- two new albums on Gusstaff Records by Polski Piach and Tuleje;
- 'Ma Vieille Carcasse' with chansons by Pierre Perret;
- a lot of jazz from the USA, Germany, Italy and Finland;

Enjoy the music!

For more information, details and updates, check our New Releases.
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